Sexy backpack for ultralight hiking

Welcome to my shop!
Hi! I am Jean from France.

I make custom-made backpacks for ultralight hikers and adventures seekers from France and all around the world 🙂


- Hipbelt off : 400g | 0.88lbs | 14.1oz
- Hipbelt on : 550g | 1.21lbs | 19.4oz


- Main body: 37L
- Front pocket: 5L

Front pocket

Stretch mesh front pocket: from low profite to 5 extra liters. Incredible stretch and quality fabric. Put your wet gear inside to let it dry while walking, or anything you could need during the day (food, hat)

Also if you hike with other people they will be able to grab things without stoping you. Good for sunscreen, bread and cheese… (did I told you I am french ?)

Bonus : When hiking with other people, they will be able to grab things without stopping you. 
Incredibly stretchy and quality fabric. I spent a lot of time testing stretch mesh fabrics to find the best one. 
At the end the winner was the same fabric used by the biggest companies like The North Face. 
Not so surprising.

Rolltop opening

Maybe the sight of something else than a classical buckle troubles you.
This plastic hook makes the opening of the bag much more practical.
You can now easily open and close your bag securely with only one hand.

Huuuuge side pockets

Fit easily two 1.5L bottles while being reachable with ease. You can also use it to store your hiking poles.

Low profile shoulder pockets

Made from the same fabric as the front pocket the shoulder pockets will expand to snug your smartphone (even a big one, Galaxy S7 Active on the picture). You can also put your snack.

And low profile when empty to keep you looking good.

Removable hipbelt

WIth the removable hipbelt you will have all the support you need with relative heavy load (>7kg) with a good load transfer on the hips. With a light bag, you’ll have the choice to leave it at home or not.

The double strap system makes the hipbelt hugs you way more comfortably and securely than the classical one strap system. For slim people it can be a game changer.

Put everything you want in the hipbelt pockets! And it works really well as a basket for nuts: cashews, peanuts, almonds.

Removable seatpad as backpanel

Having your seatpad as backpack will give you extra cushion. I use it all the time. But you can remove the cord system if you want to.

Robust, light and waterproof

Made from X-Pac VX21 fabric your backpack will be light and durable. The fabric is made from Dyneema fiber which is the strongest fiber in world, stronger than stainless steel! Crazy, right ??

And it’s waterproof! The fabric will keep water out. Also it absorb so little water. You won’t have the extra weight of a soaked backpack during a long hike under the rain.

The bottom of the bag has a double layer to make sure you will use it for years. There are as little seams as possible in the bottom to ensure you maximum waterproofness and durability.

Made to measure

Bags are like clothes, they have to be at the right size, otherwise you will never be really comfortable. That’s why your bag will be made according to your body measurements (torso length and waist size). I will guide you with the measurements after checkout.

Handmade in France

I do everything by myself, from design to sewing.

I started this journey last year (november 2018). It was not easy, but fun and very rewarding.

I studied computer science, far from a background in fashion or design. It all started with my mother’s sewing machine and YouTube as a teacher. We are living an incredible time where anyone has the opportunity to learn anything with internet !

I was able to find content about sewing, design and prototyping.
While on this journey, I had the chance of meeting people from the industry that gave me precious information.
And most important : trial and errors. 
It may sound cliché but I have tried again and again, so many combinations, to finally find the sweetspot…
I started as a geek that didn’t know anything about sewing and am now making backpacks with a handful of mentors and already a few satisfied customers.

Colors: 2 options



Weight can’t be 100% exact. It is a median from my previous crafts.


– Main body: Dimension-Polyant X-Pac VX21.

– Shoulder straps, hipbelt, seatpad: Dyneema X gridstop.

– All the pockets: stretch mesh (two way).

– Webbing: 15mm (5/8″) polyamide.


Frameless, no loadliffters.


– no edge binding

– no seamtape


Comply with airplaines carry-on luggage size allowance.